Pet Damage Treatment

Pets play an important role in your household. We know that your pet is a part of your family, but we also know that pets have accidents and can leave stains or other damage on carpets throughout your home. Pet damage can be difficult to clean using home remedies, and stains and odors can linger long after the accident. Sappington’s offers pet damage treatment and removal services that allow you to have a clean and odor-free home without having to replace your carpet. Our employees are trained in identifying and fixing any carpet damage your pet may cause. We will assess the damage and recommend a solution that guarantees your home is stain and odor free.

Through our intensive black light system, our professionals are capable of locating problem areas even if the carpet shows no staining or discoloration. After detecting any stains with our black light, we saturate the contaminated areas with our specialized pet damage enzyme. Once the enzyme has effectively cleaned the stained area and eliminated any residual odor, we thoroughly clean the carpet with our fiber rinse. The fiber rinse neutralizes our enzyme chemical, leaving your carpet clean and safe, and cleans any other residue remaining in the carpet. Our process is a more time efficient way to ensure your carpet stays clean and costs significantly less than replacing the entire carpet.
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