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Tile and Grout

In addition to our exemplary carpet services, Sappington’s provides specialized tile and grout cleaning services. Cleaning your tile and grout effectively is one of the hardest things to do yourself. Specifically, most problems arise because the tile and grout was not properly sealed at the beginning instillation. A lack of proper sealing during the initial tile and grout instillation means that the tile is exceptionally hard to keep clean. Cooking a greasy food dish, dropping a jar of something on the floor or simply spilling your drink can lead to hygienic problems and cause a stain. In particular, grout is difficult to clean due to its naturally porous nature. The porous grout soaks up everything it encounters, and most tiles have tiny grooves that tend to hold things such as dirty mop water.

This combination means that it is nearly impossible to keep your tile completely clean. Sappington’s high-pressure extraction system and different pretreatment solutions deep clean your tile and grout, leaving it looking brand new. The process we use reaches those grooves in the tile and cleans deep in the grout to make sure that dirt, water and other contaminants are washed out. Our professionals are trained not only in the art of cleaning and restoring tile and grout, but also the process of sealing your tile and grout. This process helps keep your floors clean for longer and make it easier for you to clean yourself down the road.

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