Carpet Repair & Power Stretching

As we all know, carpet is very expensive to replace. At Sappington’s, we know that there is nothing worse than replacing an entire room of carpet because of one damaged area. That is why we offer a variety of solutions to help your carpet look and feel its best while sparing you the expense of locating and purchasing an entirely new carpet for your home. Our employees have years of training and experience that allows Sappington’s to come up with a personalized solution for all of your carpet needs.

We offer a wide range of customer services that allow us to satisfy all of your carpeting needs while providing the exemplary customer service you deserve. Our variety of cleaning services allows Sappington’s to clean and repair your carpet no matter the situation.

We do this by using the most effective enzymes on the market, and we have an array of specialized tools and staff to help us detect and clean any contaminated areas. In addition to our cleaning and repair services, we specialize in new carpet installation. Every carpet is unique, and our power stretching service identifies the proper technique for your carpet to help loosen wrinkles in your carpet. Power Stretching is a vital process in any carpet instillation and serves as an important tool to repair and replace multiple other problem areas, including bad seams, bad transitions, and bleach spots. In addition to our professional carpet cleaning service, we have the tools and services to provide you with a complete carpet replacement. Sappington’s can install both carpet and padding to ensure that your carpet looks and feels great from day one.
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